ToolPanel Buttons Demo

The AdapTable ToolPanel can display 2 sets of Buttons (both of which collections are empty by default):

  • Module Buttons: Each opens a different AdapTable Module popup screen - the list is set in ToolPanel Config and can be modified in the ToolPanel Popup.
  • Custom Buttons: AdapTable Buttons defined by the User at design-time, and provided in ToolPanel Options

In this example we have

  • set the 'CalculatedColumn', 'ConditionalStyle', and 'FormatColumn' Module Buttons to display
  • provided 2 Custom Buttons: one which has a search icon and opens the Quick Search Popup, and one with the word 'STOP' / 'START' and sets a System Status message

We have also used the ToolPanels property to configure just a subset of the Module ToolPanels to display (and set the Dashboard Entitlement to 'Hidden')

AdapTable Help Resources:

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