Styling Functions

There are a number of different ways to style cells, columns, rows and the Grid itself.

  • Conditional Style: Style cells, columns and rows in striking ways when their data matches rules that you create.
  • Format Column: Style an entire column so that it has a distinctive look.
  • Gradient Column: Style a column so that each cell is shaded in proportion of its value to that of the maximum value.
  • Flashing Cell: Have cells flash briefly when their contents change (using colours and duration you specify).
  • Updated Row: Colour (and jump to) rows as they update so you can see which rows have changed.
  • Percent Bar: Show numeric columns as a bar, that is filled according to the cell value as a %.
  • Row Style: Choose to style rows in AdapTable using your preferred colour scheme.
Click on the buttons below to see a demo for each styling function.
If you want to theme the actual AdapTable instance itself (e.g. change the colours and look and feel, please refer to the Theming demos).
Conditional Style Demo
Format Column Demo
Gradient Column Demo
Flashing Cell Demo
Updated Row Demo
Percent Bar Demo
Row Style Demo