Search Functions

There are a number of different ways to search for data in the Adaptable Blotter:

  • Quick Search: Finds (and highlights) all cells that match inputted text across all visible columns in the grid.
  • Advanced Search: Runs a multi-column query (using potentially a huge range of indicators) to filer the grid to precise requirements.
  • Quick Filter: The area under the Column Header is called the Quick Filter, which is a shortcut to the Column Filter.
  • Column Filters: Create saveable column filters to restrict which cells are shown for a column.
  • User Filters: Column filters that can be named and saved and then re-used in queries in other functions.
  • Named Filters: Filters that you provide at design time which evaluate according to a predicate that you provide - used when you have very complicated filters.
  • Data Source Selector: Dropdown populated through Config that lists items that can be used as part of Server Search.
Click on the buttons below to see a demo for each search function.
Quick Search demo
Advanced Search demo
Column Filters demo
User Filters demo
Quick Filter demo
Data Source Selector demo