Named Query Demo

A (Boolean) Query can be named, saved and then re-used as required.

'Named Queries' appear in the menu that is accessed when clicked the 'Load Query' button (on the right hand side of the Query Toolbar).

And they can be referenced in other Expressions making them available in any AdapTable Module that use Expressions.

The Query Expression Function in AdapTableQL takes the name of the Named Query as the only parameter and evaluates it as part of running the Expression.

In this demo we have created 2 Named Queries queries:

  • Non UP Shipping: defined as: '[ShipVia] != "United Package"'
    This is then referenced by a Conditional Style to paint cells orange as follows: 'QUERY("Non UP Shipping")'

  • Big Changed Orders: defined as: '[ChangeLastOrder] > 10 AND [PackageCost] > 10'
    This is then referenced by the 'Big Orders' User Report in its Expresssions as follows: 'QUERY("Big Changed Orders") AND [ItemCount] > 3'

AdapTable Help Resources:

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