Watch the AdapTable / OpenFin Webinar which showcased the many integrations between these 2 leading products

AdapTable runs in the Broswer or Electron with all functionality available for users (depending on their Entitlements).

However if you are running AdapTable inside the popular OpenFin container then you get some extra features which we have added that take advantage of the many benefits that OpenFin brings.

Watch the video below which illustrates 3 areas where AdapTable and OpenFin functionality combine in exciting ways:

  • Notifications - AdapTable's powerful Alerts can be shown as OpenFin Notifications with action buttons
  • FDC3 Messages - FDC3 Instrument Column broadcasts can be sent from AdapTable to other OpenFin windows via current channel (and internally through the OpenFin FDC3 api)
  • Live 2-way Excel Integration - Data can be exported from AdapTable to Excel and each updates in line with data changes made in the other. This includes full validation and audit.

Alternatively, run our AdapTable OpenFin Demo Application project and see for yourself how OpenFin and AdapTable work together.