Glue42 / AdapTable Demo

AdapTable's partnership with Glue42 provides deep integration between your Grid / Blotter and other Glue42-enabled apps like charts, news, trade capture etc.

This video shows AdapTable and the Glue42 desktop combine to allow grid row selections to automatically update both internal Glue42 and external widgets (e.g. Fidessa Market Data).

Another feature which the partnership between AdapTable and the Glue42 Desktop provides is very powerful MS Excel integration. This includes:

  • Exporting data from AdapTable (or running existing reports) to an MS Excel sheet and saving it as an MS Excel file
  • Capturing value changes in the exported MS Excel sheet and updating AdapTable in real time, while at the same time respecting business and cell validation rules
  • Scheduling grid exports to run at specific dates and / or times

In order to get the demo working, you need the following:

  • be running on a Windows PC
  • have Microsoft Excel installed and running
  • install (and then run) Glue42 Desktop (free from here)

To run the demo click the “Login” button in the Glue42 toolbar and enter your PC credentials.

Once authenticated, you can select to export either all the data from the grid or a selection of it, or a predefined Report.

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