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AdapTable provides a Context Menu - accessible when you right-click in any cell in the Grid.

System Menu Items
The Context Menu include a large number of System Menu Items relevant to that cell (and what is selected).

You can choose which - if any - of these are available via the showAdaptableContextMenu property of Menu Options.

The 2 arguments to the function are AdaptableMenuItem (the menu item to show) and Menu Context (which provides details of the current cell and cell selection).

In this example we removed the Filter menu item for the 'Employee' column and all the menu items for the 'Contact' column.

User Menu Items
You can add your own bespoke Menu Item(s) to the Context Menu - also through Menu Options section of Adaptable Options.

AdapTable provides you with full details of the cell which was clicked allowing you provide different menu items for when the grid is grouped or the current cell is a grouped node.

When you define a Menu Item you can provide 3 functions that will be invoked by AdapTable:

  • onClick: What happens when the Menu Item is clicked
  • hidden: Whether the Menu Item should appear or not
  • disabled: Whether the Menu Item is enabled
  • label: What Label the Menu Item should have

In this example we provided 3 Context Menu Items:

  • Float Dashboard
  • Set System Status - which has a sub/menu containing other menu items
  • Expand / Close Group - where the label changes based on the state of the row and which only appears in Grouped Rows

AdapTable Help Resources:

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