Context Menu Demo

AdapTable provides a Context Menu - accessible when you right-click in a cell - which includes shortcuts to functionality relevant to that cell (and what is selected).

You can add your own User Menu Item(s) to the Context Menu - through User Interface State; in this example we added 'Float Dashboard' and 'Set System Status' menu items (with the latter having sub menu items).

When you define a UserMenuItem you can reference 3 User Functions (for which you provide the implementation for both in UserFunctions section of AdaptableOptions).

You can also choose which - if any - of the shipped Menu Items are available via the showAdaptableContextMenu property of User Interface Options; in this example we removed the Filter menu item for the 'Employee' column and all the menu items for the 'Contact' column.

The 2 arguments to the function are Adaptable Menu Item (the menu item to show) and Menu Info (which provides details of the current cell and cell selection).

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