Column Values Lookup Demos

There are a few places in AdapTable when a list of distinct column values is displayed.

For instance when using a Column Filter, or in the Column Values section of the Query Builder, or in the Bulk Update function.

By default when showing list of available column values, AdapTable will show the first 2,000 distinct values, but you can amend this by setting the maxColumnValueItemsDisplayed property in Query Options section of Adaptable Options.
Any values that exceed the count will be ignored. See the Max Items Displayed Demo.

There is a hierarchy for how AdapTable will retrieve this options as follows: (Note: in all 3 options, AdapTable will not show more values than that set in the maxColumnValueItemsDisplayed property)

  1. Server Lookups: You can provide AdapTable dynamically (through client-server communication) with the list of values that can be displayed each time a list of distinct cell values is required.
    You set this through the getColumnValues property in Query Options section of Adaptable Options. See the Server Lookups demo for more information.
  2. Permitted Column Values: You can provide AdapTable at startup with a list of column names and a list of values which should be displayed when getting distinct values for that column.
    You do this through UserInterface state section of Predefined Config. See the Permitted Values demo for more information.
  3. Dynamic Values: If no Server Lookups or Permitted Column Values have been set for that column, AdapTable will dynamically retrieve all the distinct values for that column.
Click on the buttons below to see a demo.
Max Items Displayed demo
Server Lookups demo
Permitted Values demo