Pivot Layout Demo

AdapTable allows you to specify - and save - pivoting information in your Layout. This will subsequently be available each time you select that Layout.

In this demo we have created a Pivot View Layout that has the following properties set:

  • Group on 'Employee' - through the RowGroupedColumns property.
  • Select 'ShipVia' and 'ShipCountry' as the PivotColumns - which appear across the top.
  • Set Aggregations (both of 'sum) on the 'InvoicedCost' and 'ItemCount' columns - via the AggregationColumns property.
  • Set the EnablePivot property to true - which will turn on pivoting.

Note also that we created a Custom Sort for the Ship Via column so that 'Sppedy Express' is the firt value and that the pivot obeys this.

Finally, we set a Format Column for the 'InvoicedCost' column of 3 decimal places so that the aggregations will roll up nicely.

AdapTable Help Resources:

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