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You can export your grid data from AdapTable via Reports - either pre-shipped or custom created - to a number of different destinations.

AdapTable ships with 4 reports or you can create your own via the Report Wizard. The shipped Reports are:

  • All Data: All the data in the grid's data source (irrespective of whether it is currently visible)
  • Visible Data: All the data currently displayed in the grid (if exported to Excel it will include grouped row information)
  • Selected Cells: All cells currently selected in the grid (they do not need to be contiguous)
  • Selected Rows: Any rows currently selected in the grid.

Each report can be exported to a number of different destinations, namely:

  • Excel: Opens an Excel file with the report data (if the report is 'Visible Data' grouping information will be included)
  • CSV: Standard CSV format (comma separated)
  • Clipboard: Including Column headers
  • JSON: As an array of arrays
  • ipushpull: Sends data to ipushpull and from there to Symphony and elsewhere - see ipushpull demo (only available to ipushpull users)
  • Glue42: Sends data to excel via Glue42 ensuring 2 way data updates and full validation while editing in Excel (only available to Glue42 users)
  • Excel (via OpenFin): Sends data to excel via OpenFin ensuring Excel updates automatically as the grid ticks (only available to OpenFin users)

You can schedule reports so that they export at particular times (e.g. on a certain date, or daily at a particular time).

This example has 2 bespoke Reports:

  1. My Team Big Invoice exports all columns but only those rows that match the query
  2. Current Orders exports a subset of columns and all rows visible when the report is run - this report is also scheduled to run (exporting to CSV) every day at 17:30
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