Grid Management Functions

There are a many functions in AdapTable which let you set up the Grid and columns exactly how you want:

  • Custom Sort: Create your own sort orders for columns (e.g. Ratings, Tenors, Sectors) where the default alphabetical sort doesnt make sense.
  • Export: Send grid data to a number of destinations using System or Custom reports and schedule them if you would like.
  • Layout: Create views (column grouping, visibility, order, sorts) so you can see the subset of columns you need at the click of a button.
  • Cell Summary: See the summarised contents of groups of numeric cells using many different mathematical operations.
  • Grid Info: Click in the "info" button in the Home Toolbar to see summary information about the grid, your licence and the Options you have set.
  • Calendar: Select which Holiday Calendar you wish AdapTable to use when calculating Working Days (in Filters, Queries etc).
Click on the buttons below to see a demo for our Grid Management functions.
Custom Sort Demo
Export Demo
Layout Demo
Cell Summary Demo
Grid Info Demo
Calendar Demo