Basic Set Up Demo

This example shows how to create an instance of AdapTable using ag-Grid. All the code used to build the demo is displayed under the Grid.

This is, of course, a very basic implementation, e.g. we have not set up advanced features like Server Searching, or State Options; nor have we provided Adaptable with Permissions.

Everything is fully annotated below, but the main steps required to create an instance of AdapTable (using ag-Grid as the underlying grid) are:

  1. Create an ag-Grid GridOptions object with a column schema, row data and any properties set.
  2. Write any Predefined Config that you want
  3. Create an AdaptableOptions object that will take the GridOptions and Predefined Config.
  4. Instantiate AdapTable - passing in the AdaptableOptions object and retrieving an AdaptableApi object for run-time access to the tool.

Note: this example uses our core 'vanilla' JavaScript version; we also provide React and Angular wrappers if you want to use AdapTable in a framework-friendly manner.

AdapTable Help Resources:

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