AutoGenerated Primary Key Demo

AdapTable requires a Primary Key for much of functionality to work (as it is used to identify each row).

Occasionally, however, this cannot be provided - when users are not able to identify a column in their data which they can guarantee to contain unique data.

When this happens, set autogeneratePrimaryKey to true in Adaptable Options and AdapTable will create one for you.

This should only be used as a last resort and there a few limitations which AdapTable requires.

The primary restriction is that all Grid data-related methods (creating, updating and deleting) need to be done via the Grid Api will create one for you.

This demo is identical to the Basic Set up Demo but with the Primary Key autogenerated.

As you can see initial data set up is done via the Grid Api. Likewise with data updating and deleting (use the 2 buttons in the Custom Toolbar to see this in action).

AdapTable Help Resources:

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