Getting Started Demos

The demos in this section are designed to introduce you to basic concepts in AdapTable and to get up and running quickly.

Set up

Its just a few lines of code to set up an instance of AdapTable and get immediate access to a huge range of features that would otherwise take many months to build.

The basic set up demo shows how to set up AdapTable using dummy data in a series of small steps.

Predefined Config

Typically you will ship your AdapTable instance with Predefined Configuration so that your users open their application at first use and see it pre-loaded with Searches, Styles, Edit Rules, Reports etc that match their needs.

Additionally Predefined Configuration will include 'Entitlements' - stipulating which AdapTable functions they are allowed to access.

This section contains 2 relevant examples:

  • One is loaded with NO Predfined Configuration so it shows how AdapTable looks straight out of the box with all the defaults chosen.
  • One containing an AdapTable instance which does have Predefined Configuration so its pre-loaded with styles, reports, layouts etc.
Basic Set Up demo
No Predefined Config demo
Predefined Config demo