Getting Started Demos

The demos in this section are designed to introduce you to basic concepts in AdapTable and to get up and running quickly.

Its just a few lines of code to set up an instance of AdapTable and get immediate access to a huge range of features that would otherwise take many months to build.

The basic set up demo shows how to set up AdapTable using dummy data in a series of small steps.

Typically you will ship your AdapTable instance with Predefined Configuration so that your users open their application at first use and see it pre-loaded with Searches, Styles, Edit Rules, Reports etc that match their needs.

Additionally you will add Adaptable Options which will include 'Entitlements' - stipulating which AdapTable Modules they are allowed to access.

However we have added a No Config Demo with NO Predefined Configuration to show how AdapTable looks straight out of the box with all the defaults chosen.

Basic Set Up Demo
Set Up Columns Demo
No Config Demo
Delayed Data Demo
AutoGenerated PK Demo