Percent Bar Demo

Percent Bars enable you to see numeric data as bar, where the cell is filled as a % of its value against the maximum value for the column.

A Percent Bar can be created in one of 2 ways:

  • Ranges: will colour the cell depending on which Range the cell value falls in - this allows a traffic light effect for example; there is no limit on the number of Ranges.
  • Column Comparison: will colour the cell based on another Column in the same Row; you can set the MinValue, MaxValue or both to be the name of the other column.

Other Config options include a back colour for the Bar, whether to see the cell value, and whether to display that value as a percentage of the total.

In this example we created 4 Percent Bars, 3 with Ranges and one with a Column Comparison:

  • Item Count - using the default colours and a tooltip showing the cell value
  • Invoiced - with 3 ranges: 0-500 (red), 500-1000 (orange) and 1000-2000 (green)
  • Item Cost - with non-default range and background colours and displaying both the cell and percentage value (the former with a Display Format)
  • Package Cost - using a Column Comparison with 0 as MinValue and 'OrderCost' Column as Max Value
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