Gradient Column Demo

Gradient columns are styled dynamically so that each cell in the column is coloured according to its value in relation to a given base value and maximum value.

When you create a Gradient Column you set a base value, a maximum (positive) value and a (positive) colour. The closer the cell value is to the maximum value the closer its colour to the set one.

By default the base value is 0, but you can set a different base value. This ensures the cell is measured against possible values only, and the gradient begins from the lowest potential cell value.

You can also select a negative maximum value and a negative colour for columns which contain negative values.

Here we set Gradient Columns for Order Chg. (using positive and negative values), Item Count and Package Cost (using bespoke colours).

Note that the Item Count Gradient Column has a base value of 100 (and a maximum value of 170) to ensure that the cells are accurately coloured.

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