Format Column Formatter Demo

The Format Column Module allows you to style an entire column by proviing a visual Style or a Display Format (or both).

This demo shows how to provide a Display Format - while the Formatter demo demonstrates how to apply a Visual Style.

Display Formats enable you to provide a display value for a columns that fits your requirements without it changing the underlying cell value. They work on:

  • Date Columns: use a preset value or provide your own Date or Time format (which matches the available patterns).
  • Numeric Columns: set values for Prefix, Suffix, Fraction Separator, Integer Separator, Fraction Digits, Integer Digits, Multiplier and Negative Parentheses etc.
  • String Columns: set text to show in Upper or Lower case or be trimmed

This example has many Format Columns with formatters:

  • LastUpdatedTime has a Display Format with pattern of 'HH:mm:ss' to show just time
  • Order Date has a Visual Style of bold and italicised and with a smaller font and a Display Format with pattern of 'yyyyMMdd'
  • ChangeLastOrder has a Display Format to show negative numbers in parantheses and Cell Alignment of centre.
  • InvoicedCost has a Display Format to show '£' sign and 2 decimal places
  • OrderCost has a Display Format to separate integer thousands with a space, a '$' prefix and '(AUD)' suffix
  • ShipCountry has a Display Format to show text in Upper Case
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