FDC3 Instrument Demo

When a Column is defined as an 'Instrument Column' in the Finance Plugin, AdapTable will create a Broadcast Instrument menu item in the Column's Context Menu .

Clicking that menu item will cause AdapTable to fire a 'BroadcastInstrument' event that contains an FDC3 Instrument Message as context.

The message will include the name from the current (i.e. clicked) cell and instrument data from other cells in the row.

In this example we have configured 'Name' as the Instrument Column and added 'Ticker' and 'Cusip' as data columns

Click on the Broadcast context menu item and see below for (a stringified version of) the FDC3 message that is produced.

Note: if running in AdapTable in OpenFin then the message will be automatically re-broadcast on the current channel so other apps / widgets can react as required.

AdapTable Help Resources:

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