Column Filters Demo

Each (filterable) column has a filters tab in the Column Menu (the second option). Alternatively you can click on the filter icon next to the filter bar if its showing.

You can create a Column Filter by selecting column values and filters (items in the long list) and / or create a range (e.g. 'GreaterThan 15') by using the operator dropdown at the top.

In this example we create filters on 6 columns:

  • ItemCost - GreaterThan 20
  • ChangeLastOrder - Positive
  • Employee - 3 Column Values selected
  • InvoicedCost - Between 10-300
  • OrderDate - In Past
  • Ship Country - 3 Column Values selected
Edit / clear filters in the individual columns or via the Column Filter toolbar.

Note: You can show / hide the Quick Filter bar through the Column Menu or by clicking the last button in the Column Filter toolbar.

AdapTable Help Resources:

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