Filter Functions

There are a number of different ways to filter data in AdapTable:

  • Quick Filter Bar: A textbox below the Column Header that allows you to quickly search in a column (includes wildcards like ">").
  • Column Filters: A filter panel available as a dropdown from the Column Header which allows you to perform complex filtering for a particular column. Can be saved as User Filters.
  • User Filters: Column Filters which have been named and saved and so are usable across multiple functions that use queries (like Conditional Styles, Reports or Advanced Search).
  • Named Filters: Named Filters are provided by users at design-time and include a custom Predicate function that is run each time the filter is applied.
  • System Filters: System Filters are those provided by AdapTable (e.g. "Blanks", "Yeserday", "Positive"); you can choose which - if any - of these are available.
Click on the buttons below to see a demo for each filter function.
Quick Filter Bar Demo
Column Filters Demo
User Filters Demo
Named Filters Demo
System Filters Demo