User Reports Demo

AdapTable enables Users to create User Reports which define exactly which rows and columns should be exported.

User Reports can be created either at design time (through Predefined Config) or at run-time (via the Report Wizard).

Each User Report contains 2 collections:

  • Columns to export: This can be a bespoke list, 'All Columns' or 'Visible Columns'
  • Rows to export: This can be a bespoke Query which will contain a custom 'Query' that is invoked each time the Report is run, 'All Rows' or 'Visible Rows'

This example has 2 User Reports:

  1. My Team Big Invoice exports all columns but only those rows that match the query
  2. Current Orders exports a subset of columns and all rows visible when the report is run - this report is also scheduled to run (exporting to CSV) every day at 17:30
AdapTable Help Resources:

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