Export Format Values Demo

Many AdapTable users wish to export data showing the actual display value in the Grid, but others want to export only the raw value.

This is a common request if, for example, a number has been formatted to show a currency sign but the data should just contain the number.

For this reason you can specify - the exportFormatType in Export Options - whether to export 'raw value' or 'formatted value'

You can specify a rule for all columns or, for a more granular approach by Column data type (strings, numbers and dates).

Dates have an extra option - exportDateFormat - which will export all Date columns in the given format (overriding what has been set in exportFormatType).

In this demo we have set the following Export formats:

  • Numeric Columns: Raw Value -Package Cost,Item Cost and Order Cost all have '£' prefix, but the exported data drops this in favour of raw value
  • String Columns: Formatted Value - Employee exports in caps and Ship Via in sentence case to match how they are formatted in the Grid
  • Date Columns: uses 'exportDateFormat' property - Order Date, Required Date and Shipped Date have separate Formats, but all export using supplied value of 'MM/dd/yyyy'

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