Export and Report Options

You can export your grid data from AdapTable via Reports - either pre-shipped or custom created - to a number of different destinations.

There are 3 types of Reports you can export via AdapTable

  • System Reports: These are reports that ship with AdapTable - include All Data, Visible Data and Selected Cells and Rows
  • User Reports: Reports created at design-time or run-time which include an 'Expression' that will run a query against data in the grid each time the report is run.
  • Custom Reports: Reports that run according to a function provided by devs at design-time; the data (or columns) do not consequently need to be in AdapTable when the report runs.
Click on the buttons below to see a demo for each of these types of reports.

Each report can be exported to a number of different destinations, namely:

  • Excel: Opens an Excel file with the report data (if the report is 'Visible Data' grouping information will be included)
  • CSV: Standard CSV format (comma separated)
  • Clipboard: Including Column headers
  • JSON: As an array of arrays
  • ipushpull: Sends data to ipushpull and from there to Symphony and elsewhere - see ipushpull demo (requires ipushpull Plugin)
  • Glue42: Sends data to excel via Glue42 ensuring 2 way data updates and full validation while editing in Excel (requires Glue42 Plugin)
  • OpenFin: Sends data to excel via OpenFin ensuring Excel updates automatically as the grid ticks (requires OpenFin Plugin)
  • Custom: The developer provides the name of the destination (and form metadata) in Predefined Config and a function to be implemented to be called by AdapTable.

You can schedule reports so that they export at particular times (e.g. on a certain date, or daily at a particular time).

System Reports Demo
Visual Data Report Demo
Selected Cells Report Demo
User Reports Demo
Formatted Values Demo
Custom Reports Demo
Custom Destination Demo