Adaptable Ready Demo

The Adaptable Ready Event is fired as soon as AdapTable has completed its initialisation. It provides the `AdaptableReadyInfo` object which contains 2 properties:

  • adaptableAPI: This is the AdaptableApi which provides run time access to all methods, functionality and events in AdapTable
  • vendorGrid: This is the instance of the underlying vendor grid being used

'vendorGrid' is returned because AdapTable enriches the one it receives in AdaptableOptions (with modules & other properties), so use this object if you want access to the underlying grid.

Note: the React and Angular AG Grid wrappers explicitly return 'adaptableApi and 'gridOptions' as the event arguments.

In this example we have used Adaptable Ready to set the Quick Search Text (through Quick Search section of AdaptableAPI).

We also use it to hook up to the ag-grid Selection Changed event (logging the output below).

AdapTable Help Resources:

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