Entitlements List Demo

One way to provide Entitlements in Predefined Config is through a 'hard-coded' list via the FunctionEntitlements property.

This allows you to provide a list of Entitlements - essentially a FunctionName and an AccessLevel (either Full, ReadOnly or Hidden).

Any Function not given an Entitlement automatically takes the Access Level of 'Full'; however this can be changed through setting the DefaultAccessLevel property (see Default Demo).

In this example we have created 3 Entitlements (one for each AccessLevel):

  • Cell Summary - set to Hidden with the result that the Cell Summary Toolbar, ToolPanel and Menu Option are not available anywhere in AdapTable and cannot be accessed by users.
  • Layout - set to ReadOnly with the result that the Layout Toolbar (and menu option) is visible and Layouts can be selected, but they cannot be created, edited or deleted.
  • Export - set to Full (not strictly required as its the DefaultAccessLevel but here for display purposes) which means it can be used without restriction.

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