Entitlement Demos

Adaptable Options includes an 'entitlementOptions' section enabling you to set UI Entitlements (aka Permissions) for your AdapTable Modules and objects.

For each AdapTable Module you can set the Entitlement to be:

  • Full - this is the Default (though the default can be changed)
  • ReadOnly - you can access existing objects (provided in Predefined Config), but not create/edit/ delete them
  • Hidden - (function is entirely absent)

Note: Entitlements are UI restrictions only - they are ignored by the Adaptable API or if in Predefined Config.

We provide the following demos that each illustrate different elements of how Entitlements work:

  • Hard-coded List: Provide a list of Entitlements in Entitlement Options specifying which Modules Users are permissioned for.
  • JavaScript Function: Supply a function (that can use external lookups or systems) which will be run each time an Entitlement is required.
  • Default Entitlement: Set a default Entitlement Access Level to be used if no Entitlement is explicitly provided.
  • Read Only Objects: Adaptable Objects in Predefined Config can be ReadOnly which will override the Module Entitlement of "Full".
Hard-coded List Demo
JavaScript Function Demo
Default Entitlement Demo
Read Only Objects Demo