Editing Modules

There are a number of different ways to edit data in AdapTable:

  • Smart Edit: Update contiguous numeric cells using a mathmatical operation (e.g. Multiply, Divide, Add, Subtract).
  • Bulk Update: Update contiguous cells in a column to all contain the same value - can be existing or new column value.
  • Shortcut: Avoid fat finger issues and speed up / automate data entry for numeric and date columns.
  • Plus / Minus: Set up "nudge" rules for numeric columns to respond when the "+" or "-" keys are pressed.
  • ReadOnly Cells: Choose - at runtime - which cells can be ReadOnly through the provision of custom function.
  • Server Validation: Provide a function (and promise) that wil check edits and return a validation response (with optional message and replacement value).
  • Change History: See all data changes made in the Grid - both user edits and "ticking" data - with option to undo
  • Edit Dropdowns: List which columns will automatically show a dropdown (select) when editing and optionally provide the values which it displays.
Click on the buttons below to see a demo for each edit function.
Smart Edit Demo
Bulk Update Demo
Shortcut Demo
Plus / Minus Demo
ReadOnly Cells Demo
Server Validation Demo
Change History Demo
Edit Dropdowns Demo