AdaptableBlotter.NET Demo

Version: 16.3
Date: 2017-09-20

The Adaptable Blotter
AdaptableBlotter.NET is a powerful data-agnostic grid that provides, out of the box, all the functionality that advanced financial and other users require to be productive.

AdaptableBlotter.NET can be integrated with a number of different underlying .NET grids, both vendor and open source.

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If you require further information please visit our Website or use the Online Help. Alternatively download the Adaptable Blotter User Guide.

Licence Information
Please note that Adaptable Blotter licences are free for development use (and include both AdaptableBlotter.NET and AdaptableBlotter.JS versions), but a paid-for annual end user licence is required for each production user. For more information please read the Licence File or contact Adaptable Tools Support.