You are able to set up the Dashboard (the area above the actual grid) so that it has exactly the look and feel that best matches your requirements.

You are able to specify which buttons are toolbars are visible, how the dashboard displays, what colours are shown and much more.

You can also create Custom Toolbars for you to render with your own content.

This is all done through Dashboard Predefined Config. See the examples in this section to find out more.

  • Dashboard Toolbars: AdapTable provides a number of Toolbars to provide easy access to functions. You can choose which ones you want in the Dashbboard
  • Dashboard Buttons: You can select which buttons - and dropdowns -you wish to see in the Home Toolbar
  • Dashboard Visbility: Select whether the Dasbhoard is visible, minimised (so only a button is shown) or hidden altogether.
  • Custom Toolbars: Use Custom Toolbars to render your own content in the Dashboard or to provide buttons (which when clicked trigger an Event that you can listen to).
Dashboard Toolbars Demo
Dashboard Buttons Demo
Dashboard Visbility Demo
Custom Toolbars Demo