Column Functions

There are a number of different ways to edit data in the Adaptable Blotter:

  • Calculated Column: Create your own custom columns where the value is derived - dynamically - from the values in other columns in the Grid.
  • Free Text Column: Create your own column where you can insert your own values (e.g. comments) that are stored separately from the Data Source.
  • Column Category: Group columns together logically to help you to manipulate grids with very large numbers of columns.
  • Column Info: Find out all the objects associated with a column with a single lookup.
  • Action Column: Specify a column with a button (that you can render) and listen to the clicked event to perform any logic you reqiure.
Click on the buttons below to see a demo for each edit function.
Calculated Column demo
Free Text Column demo
Column Category demo
Column Info demo
Action Column demo