Audit Log Demo - Publishing to an Http Channel

Every grid event, mouse click, user action, cell edit etc. is auditable by AdapTable and available for you to listen to and review - perfect for Support Teams or for data playback.

You can choose to send any (or all) of Cell Edit, Ticking Data, User State, Function Applied and Internal State changes to the Audit Log.

The Audit Log will send a message to up to 4 destinations: published to an Http Channel, displayed as an Alert, logged to the Console or fired as an Event.

This example sends Cell Edit (we have mock ticking data), User State and Function Applied events to a named Http Channel which we specify in the httpChannel property in Audit Options.

A demo server (built for this purpose) simply returns each message it receives; if you have dev tools you can see the messages being sent by the server in the network tab.

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