Audit Log Demos

Every grid event, mouse click, user action, cell edit etc. is auditable by AdapTable and available for you to listen to and review - perfect for Support Teams or for data playback.

You can choose to send any (or all) of Cell Edit, Ticking Data, User State, Function Applied and Internal State changes to the Audit Log.

And you can decide how the Audit Log will make these messages available, via one of 4 ways, each illustrated here with a different demo:

  • Audit to Channel: Sends all Audit Log messages to an Http Channel so you can hook it up to listening software like Elastic Stack for full oversight of everything that takes place in AdapTable.
  • Audit to Console: Sends all Audit Log messages to the Console - particularly useful for Support or for when debugging.
  • Audit as Event: Publishes an event whenever an Audit Log message is triggered - you can listen to Audit Events the same way as for all AdapTable events.
  • Audit as Alert: Fires an AdapTable Alert whenever an Audit Log message is triggered - ideally used for more occasional scenarios (e.g. the Function Applied Audit type).
Audit to Channel Demo
Audit to Console Demo
Audit as Event Demo
Audit as Alert Demo