Observable Alerts Demo

One advanced Alert option is to to trigger Alerts in response to Observable Queries.

An Observable Query watches for changes (or lack of changes) in data that match a particular pattern (and uses advanced Rx techniques to trigger an Alert).

There are 2 functions available in an Observable Query:

  • ROW_CHANGE: listens to changes in each row (or those that match the WHERE clause)
  • GRID_CHANGE: listens to changes in the whole grid.

Both these functions take 2 parameters:

  • Change function: What needs to change to trigger the Observable. Can be any of: COUNT, MIN, MAX or NONE.
  • Timeframe: Defines the period in which the changes will be observed. Can be set in Seconds, Minutes or Hour

The Observable Query can additionally have a WHERE clause which will limit the number of rows which are observed.

In this demo we have provided 2 Observable Expressions:

  • ROW_CHANGE(COUNT([ItemCount], 3), TIMEFRAME('5m') )
    Triggers if Item Count in any Row changes 3 times within a 5 minute timeframe
    Try it yourself: Click the Increment Action Column button next to 'Item Count'; once it is clicked 3 times in a row, the Info Alert will be triggered.

  • ROW_CHANGE(MAX([OrderCost]), TIMEFRAME('1h') ) WHERE [Employee] = 'Margaret Peacock'
    Triggers when the Order Cost is the highest value it has been within the last hour - for rows where the Employee is 'Margaret Peacock'
    Try it yourself: Click the Click the Increment Action Column button next to 'Order Cost'; if the Row matches the 'WHERE' clause, it will trigger the Success Alert

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