Flashing Alerts Demo

Flashing Alerts enable cells to change their style briefly appear as the value changes. (AdapTable also offer flashing rows - see this demo.)

The style and duration of the flash can be set for each Column or group of columns - through Alert Predefined Config or via the UI.

Alternatively you can provide default flashing styles in Notification Options which will be used unless they are expressly overriden.

If nothing is provided, the defaults for Flashing Alerts are: half a second, with a green flash for a positive change and a red flash for a negative change.

This (very contrived!) example has 4 Columns with Flashing Alerts set:

  • The 'Item Cost', 'Order Cost', 'Change Last Order' columns use the default flashing values
  • The 'Invoiced' column (for no particularly good reason) has custom colours and a longer duration.

The Dashboard in this demo has been put into floating mode - useful for when screen estate is at a premium.

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