Alerts Overwrite Demo

In AdapTable you can create Alerts where you can override the edited value with a new one.

You can also provide validation to ensure the new value itself valid.

Note: this is different to 'Prevent Edit' alerts where the edited value is automatically rejected if it breaks the Alert Definition.

The Alert uses the same Dynamic Form template used in Custom Report destinations and the Data Source function.

In this example we have created a 'Warning' Alert to fire if 'ItemCost' is over 100 and provided a form with the following features:

  • A Description to explain why a new value is required
  • A single field with a label of 'Item Cost', no default value and an input type of number
  • A button labelled 'Overwrite' with a predefined Action of overwrite styled with a tone of 'warning' and variant of 'outlined'
  • The button has validation provided which sets whether it is enabled defined as: "[ItemCost] >0 AND [ItemCost] <= 100"
  • A second button labelled 'Undo' and with an action of undo - which will set the cell back to the pre-edited value

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