Alerts Overwrite Demo

In AdapTable you can create Alerts with an Adaptable Form that allows users to override the edited value with a new one.

You can also provide validation to ensure the new value itself valid.

Note: this is different to 'Prevent Edit' alerts where the edited value is automatically rejected if it breaks the Alert Definition.

In this example we have created a 'Warning' Alert to fire if 'ItemCount' is over 30 and provided a form with the following features:

  • A Description to explain why a new value is required
  • A single field with a label of 'Item Count', no default value and an input type of number
  • A button labelled Overwrite with an onClick handler that calls the Grid Api setCellValue function to set a new value
  • The button also has a disabled callback so that it is only enabled if the new Item Count value is between 1 and 30
  • A second button labelled Undo has an onClick handler that calls the Grid Api undoCellEdit function to set a new value
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