Aggregation Alerts Demo

One advanced Alert option is to to trigger Alerts in response to Aggregation Queries.

An Aggregation Query is one which evaluates an Expression based on a given set of data (as opposed to a normal Expression which works on a single row).

The Aggregation Query can additionally have a WHERE clause which will limit the number of rows which are aggregated.

Currently the only function available in the parser for Aggregation Queries is SUM (which sums) the value in the given column, but more will be added in the future.

In this demo we have provided the Aggregation Expression: SUM([ItemCount]) > '8K' WHERE [CustomerReference] = 'WILMK'

Try it yourself: Click the 'Increase Item Count' button which will update the 'Item Count' value in the first row by 3K; once it exceeds 8000, the Alert will be triggered.

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