Community Version Demo

This demo shows AdapTable using just the ag-Grid Community version (i.e. with none of the ag-Grid Enterprise features available.)

When this is the case AdapTable will still work with the vast majority of its features enabled - e.g. Layout, Flashing Cells, Smart Edit, Calculated Column, FreeText Column etc. (as shown here)

Likewise all the advanced features AdapTable offers such as the No-Code version, Team Sharing, Audit Log, Query, Server Validation, Alerts, Schedules etc. are present.

However, Modules which support advanced ag-Grid features only available in ag-Grid Enterprise Edition are missing e.g. support for Master / Detail or Tree Grids.

Note that as the normal ag-Grid Menu is missing (because it is an Enterprise) feature, AdapTable adds its own Column Header Menu - with support for user-defined menu items.

In order to run this demo you will need first to click the 'Clear State' button at the top of the page.

AdapTable Help Resources:

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