Community Version Demo

This demo shows AdapTable using just the AG Grid Community version (i.e. with none of the AG Grid Enterprise features available.)

When this is the case AdapTable will still work with the vast majority of its features enabled - e.g. Layout, Flashing Cells, Smart Edit, Calculated Column, FreeText Column etc. (as shown here)

Likewise all the advanced features AdapTable offers such as the No-Code version, Team Sharing, Audit Log, Query, Server Validation, Alerts, Schedules etc. are present.

However, Modules which support advanced AG Grid features only available in AG Grid Enterprise Edition are missing e.g. support for Master / Detail or Tree Grids.

Note that as the normal AG Grid Menu is missing (because it is an Enterprise) feature, AdapTable adds its own Column Header Menu - with support for user-defined menu items.

In order to run this demo you will need first to click the 'Clear State' button at the top of the page.

AdapTable Help Resources:

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