AG Grid Features Demos

AG Grid provides many advanced features for (row and column) grouping, pivoting, tree views and master-detail grids. AdapTable works well for each of these.

  • Row Grouping: AdapTable works fully when the AG Grid column row grouping functionality is applied.
  • Column Grouping: AdapTable works fully when the AG Grid column banding (grouping) functionality is applied.
  • Pivoting: AdapTable enables you to create layouts that take pivoting into account.
  • Master Detail: AdapTable supports Master / Detail grids where the underlying vendor grid offers it.
  • Tree Data View: AdapTable supports AG Grid Tree Views with all standard filtering and styling functionality included.
  • Row Selection: AdapTable fires an event each time the cell or row selection changes. This includes full detials of the cells and rows selected.
  • Fixed Column: Create some columns to be fixed in place
  • Community Version: Running AdapTable only using the AG Grid Community version
  • Server Row Model: How to run AdapTable when AG Grid is using the Server Row Model - and to perform filtering yourself.
  • Integrated Charting: AdapTable integrates fully with AG Grids Integrated Charts
Click on the buttons below to see a demo for each administrative task.
Row Grouping Demo
Column Grouping Demo
Pivoting Demo
Master Detail Demo
Tree Data View Demo
Row Selection Demo
Fixed Column Demo
Community Version Demo
Server Row Model Demo
Integrated Charting Demo