Team Sharing Demo

Team Sharing allows users to share - at run-time - Adaptable Objects between colleagues.

It is designed for use cases where the same, newly-created Adaptable Object (e.g. a Layout, Conditional Style, Shared Query, Report etc.) will be required by multiple users.

Team Sharing is based on a based pull-based workflow as the following example demonstrates:

  1. A User creates a new Layout
  2. In the Layouts Popup an orange Team Share button will appear in the row for the Layout (if enableTeamSharing is set to true in Team Sharing Options)
  3. After this button is clicked, the Layout will be in the Team Sharing collection (available for download by colleagues)
  4. Any colleague can now open the Team Sharing Popup (which lists all available Adaptable Objects that have been shared) and click to download the Layout created in Step 1.

Setting up Team Sharing requires the provision at design-time of 2 functions (both of which return Promises, and both of which are supplied through Team Sharing Options):

  • getSharedEntities: retrieves any available Shared Entities that the user is able to download (and which AdapTable will then merge automatically with his Adaptable State)
  • setSharedEntities: saves (essentially uploads) Shared Entities so they can be downloaded (and re-used) by other members of the team

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