No Code Demo

The No Code Plugin allows you to create an AdapTable instance at runtime from any JSON or Excel file that you give it.

It will dynamically provide a fully functional AdapTable including advanced features like state management, team sharing and Audit Log.

This enables you to attach to the same data source daily or to multiple different sources.

To run No-Code: simply link to an existing Excel or JSON file (or drag and drop) and the AdapTable No Code Wizard will appear.

In the first step it will read the file and work out which columns it contains, giving you the option to change any assumptions around datatype and to set editabiity and sortabiity for each column.

In the second (optional) step you can set up many of the Adaptable Options that you would normally provide at design-time to ensure that your AdapTable instance suits your requirements.

Note: The source data must have one column that contains unique values which you will set as the Primary Key column (by convention the first column).

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