Blotter API Demo

The Adaptable Blotter includes a very rich API that offers full programmatic access to all functionality and Blotter state.

There are hundreds of functions in the Adaptable Blotter API, that allow you to do programmatically - through code - everything that is available via the GUI or Config,

This allows you to bypass the Adaptable Blotter GUI if you so desire but still to have access to the core objects and thereby allow the Adaptable Blotter to manage all the complexities around state managements.

In this example we create our own form controls (external to the Adaptable Blotter) but we call the QuickSearch API to run and clear Quick Search, Dashboard API to manage Dashboard visibility, Layout API to load a layout and Column Chooser API to show the column chooser. Note that the functions run as if you were using the Blotter and that all State is stored (refresh the page to see).

Adaptable Blotter Help Resources: Blotter API, User Guide .