Batch Data Demo

This demo illustrates batch updates - when a number of of rows are updated in a single transaction.

This is done via the updateGridData method of Grid Api in AdapTable Api.

The method receives an array or rows to update, and config into which includes whether to update as a batch or in a loop, and a callback function to be invoked after the update.

In this example we have set 50 random rows to update 10 columns every second.

Similar to the Changing Data Demo the grid has Filter ('Counterparty'), Sorting ('TradeId'), Conditional Style (the blue rows) and Quick Search ('b') in its Predefined Config.

We also created a (Warning) Alert to fire whenever the country is Spain; note how this is triggered even though the data is being updated programatically and not through direct editing.

These all immediately invoke after each batch update to ensure the Grid displays according to the user's requirements.

Generating dummy data, please wait ...