Administrative Demos

Administrators are able to set up the Grid exactly how they like, permission users, and have full visibility over all that goes on in the Blotter.

  • Entitlements: Manage which functions your users have access tol
  • Audit Log Demo: Every data change, user action, state change and function action is auditable and availalbe for you to listen to in a number of ways, making support a breeze and enabling data playback.
  • Grouping Demo: The Adaptable Blotter works fully when the ag-Grid column banding, pivoting, aggregration and grouping functionality is all applied.
  • Master Detail Demo: The Adaptable Blotter supports Master / Detail grids where the underlying vendor grid offers it.
  • API Demo: Access the Adaptable Blotter functionality and state through the Blotter API which contains hundreds of functions giving full programmatic access to everything the Adaptable Blotter provides.
  • Big Data Demo: See the Adaptable Blotter (and ag-Grid) with 100,000 rows of client side data.
  • Row Selection Demo: The Adaptable Blotter fires an event each time the cell or row selection changes. This includes full detials of the cells and rows selected.
Click on the buttons below to see a demo for each administrative task.
Entitlements demo
Audit Log demo
Grouping demo
Master Detail demo
API demo
Big Data demo
Row Selection demo