Administrative Demos

Administrators are able to set up the Grid exactly how they like, permission users, and have full visibility over all that goes on in the Blotter.

  • Entitlements: Manage which functions your users have access to.
  • Audit Log: Every data change, user action, state change and function action is auditable and availalbe for you to listen to in a number of ways, making support a breeze and enabling data playback.
  • Blotter API: Access the Adaptable Blotter functionality and state through the Blotter API which contains hundreds of functions giving full programmatic access to everything the Adaptable Blotter provides.
  • Big Data: See the Adaptable Blotter (and ag-Grid) with 100,000 rows of client side data.
  • Data Source Changes: Any changes made to the data source to the underlying DataGrid (in this example ag-Grid) is automatically reflected in the Adaptable Blotter and it will be picked up by all relevant functions.
  • No Code: Create an Adaptable Blotter instance dynamically from a JSON or Excel file that you provide; your Blotter will include the full range of functions and all the advanced functionality like state management and audit.
Click on the buttons below to see a demo for each administrative task.
Entitlements Demo
Audit Log Demo
Blotter API Demo
Big Data Demo
Data Source Changes Demo
No Code Demo