Multiple Views

Advanced Users of AdapTable often ask how they can create multiple 'Views' - ie. different, separate, named collections of Adaptable State - and switch between them at run-time.

Note: This is not the same as a Layout which stores Column information only: a View can contain anything which is in Predefined Config.

This demo provides an example for one way to accomplish this; it leverages the adaptableStateKey property of AdaptableOptions to provide 2 Predefined Configs.

Clicking the button in the dashboard header will toggle the view - which will change the current AdapTable State key (and also set a new Dashboard Title).

Note how View1 Predefined Config contains a different Layout, Gradient Column, Quick Search text and Format Columns to those in View2.

Likewise the State in each View can be modified and will be automaticaly persisted - for that View only.

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