AdapTable Demos

Action Column: Specify a column with a button (that you can render) and listen to the clicked event to perform any logic you reqiure.
Adaptable API: Access AdapTable functionality and state through the Adaptable API which contains hundreds of functions giving full programmatic access to everything AdapTable provides.
Adaptable Tool Panel: Use the Adaptable Tool Panel as a Dashboard alternative for quick access to commonly used functions and screens
Advanced Search: Saveable multiple-column search facility including a huge array of ranges and search criteria.
Alert: Be notified as soon as data changes that you need to know about.
Audit Log: Every data change, user action, state change and function action is auditable and availalbe for you to listen to in a number of ways, making support a breeze and enabling data playback.
Auto Apply Filters: In Column Filters the default is to filter each time a value in the dropdown is clicked. But if you prefer, you can apply the filters only after an "Apply" button is clicked (useful if doing server side filtering).
Big Data: See AdapTable (and ag-Grid) with 100,000 rows of client side data.
Bulk Update: Update contiguous cells in a column to all contain the same value - can be existing or new column value.
Calculated Column: Create your own custom columns where the value is derived based on other columns in the Grid. Use an Expression so that the value is evaluated dynamically.
Calendar: Select which Holiday Calendar you wish AdapTable to use when calculating Working Days (in Filters, Queries etc).
Category Charts: Create standard, saveable, bar or line charts, with many different visualation options.
Cell Summary: See the summarised contents of groups of numeric cells using many different mathematical operations.
Cell Validation: Create rules to prevent (or show warnings) when particular cell edits take place. These will run on the client.
Column Category: Group columns together logically to help you to manipulate grids with very large numbers of columns.
Column Filters: A filter panel available as a dropdown from the Column Header which allows you to perform complex filtering for a particular column. Can be saved as User Filters.
Column Grouping: AdapTable works fully when the ag-Grid column banding (grouping) functionality is applied.
Column Info: Find out all the objects associated with a column with a single lookup.
Column Menu: Add your custom menu items to the Column Header Menu (and also choose with shipped items are available)
Conditional Style: Style cells, columns and rows in striking ways when their data matches rules that you create.
Context Menu: Add your custom menu items to the (right-click) Context Menu (and choose with shipped items are available)
Custom Icons: You can provide your own icons to AdapTable to use in place of the defaults - this demo shows how.
Custom Sort: Create your own sort orders for columns (e.g. Ratings, Tenors, Sectors) where the default alphabetical sort doesnt make sense.
Custom Theme: See AdapTable using a custom theme (based on Wimbledon tennis colours).
Custom Toolbars: Use Custom Toolbars to render your own content in the Dashboard or to provide buttons (which when clicked trigger an Event that you can listen to).
Dark Theme: See AdapTable using the shipped Dark Theme. When you use this theme AdapTable will automatically update the underlying vendor grid to match.
Dashboard Buttons: You can select which buttons - and dropdowns -you wish to see in the Home Toolbar
Dashboard Toolbars: AdapTable provides a number of Toolbars to provide easy access to functions. You can choose which ones you want in the Dashbboard
Dashboard Visbility: Select whether the Dasbhoard is visible, minimised (so only a button is shown) or hidden altogether.
Data Source Changes: Any changes made to the data source to the underlying DataGrid (in this example ag-Grid) is automatically reflected in AdapTable and it will be picked up by all relevant functions.
Data Source Selector: A list of Data Sources provided at run-time (e.g. books, stored procs); when one is selected an event is fired that you can listen to and then populate AdapTable with data via the API.
Edit Dropdowns: List which columns will automatically show a dropdown (select) when editing and optionally provide the values which it displays.
Entitlements: Manage which functions your users have access to.
Export: Send grid data to a number of destinations using System or Custom reports and schedule them if you would like.
Finsemble: We leverage the powerful offering to enable multiple AdapTable instances to share state, data and events
Flashing Cell: Have cells flash briefly when their contents change (using colours and duration you specify).
Format Column: Style an entire column so that it has a distinctive look.
Free Text Column: Create your own column where you can insert your own values (e.g. comments) that are stored separately from the Data Source.
Grid Info: Click in the "info" button in the Home Toolbar to see summary information about the grid, your licence and the Options you have set.
Ignore Case in Queries: By default case is ignored when running queries against string columns but you can change this behaviour
Layout: Create views (column grouping, visibility, order, sorts) so you can see the subset of columns you need at the click of a button.
Master Detail: AdapTable supports Master / Detail grids where the underlying vendor grid offers it.
Max Items Displayed: Set the maximum number of distinct column values to show in column lookups and the Query Builder
Named Filters: Named Filters are provided by users at design-time and include a custom Predicate function that is run each time the filter is applied.
No Config: An AdapTable instance with no Predefined Config supplied. This is unlikely to be the case in a production scenario as you will pre-ship AdapTable with your objects.
OpenFin: If you are using this popular container we offer "Live Updates" so that data exported to Excel updates in real time as AdapTable data ticks or is edited
Percent Bar: Show numeric columns as a bar, that is filled according to the cell value as a %.
Permitted Values: Provide a list of column names and a list of values which should be displayed when getting distinct values for that column
Pie Charts: Create a saveable Pie (or doughnut) Chart. It contains the ability to group data if you have multiple values.
Pie Charts (Column): Select a column (or cells within a column) and see it as a Pie Chart
Pivoting: AdapTable enables you to create layouts that take pivoting into account.
Plus / Minus: Set up "nudge" rules for numeric columns to respond when the "+" or "-" keys are pressed.
Predefined Config: An AdapTable instance with lots of different Predefined Config elements supplied.
Quick Filter Bar: A textbox below the Column Header that allows you to quickly search in a column (includes wildcards like ">").
Quick Search: Search across all columns using a simple text search (includes wildcards like ">").
Quick Search Columns: Provide a function which will specify if some columns should be excluded from Quick Search results.
Reminder: Set up scheduled notifications so you can be reminded of important actions.
Row Grouping: AdapTable works fully when the ag-Grid column row grouping functionality is applied.
Row Selection: AdapTable fires an event each time the cell or row selection changes. This includes full detials of the cells and rows selected.
Row Style: Choose to style rows in AdapTable using your preferred colour scheme.
Schedules: Create schedules for Reminders, Exports and Live Data Reports
Server Lookups: Provide AdapTable dynamically with the list of values to be displayed each time distinct cell values are required
Server Validation: Provide a function (and promise) that wil check edits and return a validation response (with optional message and replacement value).
Shortcut: Avoid fat finger issues and speed up / automate data entry for numeric and date columns.
Smart Edit: Update contiguous numeric cells using a mathmatical operation (e.g. Multiply, Divide, Add, Subtract).
Sparkline (Column): Select a column (or cells within a column) and see it as a Sparkline Chart
Sparkline Charts: Create a saveable SparkLine chart, which will show data as a series of points or graphs
Sparkline Column: Visualise columns that contain a range / array of numeric cells by using a Sparkline.
System Filters: System Filters are those provided by AdapTable (e.g. "Blanks", "Yeserday", "Positive"); you can choose which - if any - of these are available.
System Status: Have your users be notified automatically when something happens to the System (or Server) that they need to know.
Tool Panel Name: Set your own name for the Tool Panel
Updated Rows: Colour (and jump to) rows as they update so you can see which rows have changed.
User Filters: Column Filters which have been named and saved and so are usable across multiple functions that use queries (like Conditional Styles, Reports or Advanced Search).
Vendor Grid Filters: You can use the agGrid Floating Filter and Filter Form if you wish instead of AdapTable Quick Filter and Filter Form respectively
ipushpull: Export AdapTable data to Excel (with Live Updates) or Symphony and elsewhere by using the services of our partner ipushpull