AdapTable Demos

Action Column: Specify a column with a button (that you can render) and listen to the clicked event to perform any logic you reqiure.
Adaptable API: Access AdapTable functionality and state through the Adaptable API which contains hundreds of functions giving full programmatic access to everything AdapTable provides.
Adaptable Ready: Event that fires as soon as Adaptable has completed its initialisation
Adaptable Tool Panel: Use the Adaptable Tool Panel as a Dashboard alternative for quick access to commonly used functions and screens
Advanced Layouts: A more advanced set of different types of Layouts (e.g. Sorted, Pivoted, Grouped etc)
Advanced Search: Saveable multiple-column search facility including a huge array of ranges and search criteria.
Alert: Be notified as soon as data changes that you need to know about.
Application Data: Store bespoke information in Adaptable State as Key / Value pairs.
Audit as Alert: Fires an AdapTable Alert whenever an Audit Log message is triggered - ideally used for more occasional scenarios (e.g. the Function Applied Audit type).
Audit as Event: Publishes an event whenever an Audit Log message is triggered - you can listen to Audit Events the same way as for all AdapTable events.
Audit to Channel: Sends all Audit Log messages to an Http Channel so you can hook it up to listening software like Elastic Stack for full oversight of everything that takes place in AdapTable.
Audit to Console: Sends all Audit Log messages to the Console - particularly useful for Support or for when debugging.
Auto Apply Filters: In Column Filters the default is to filter each time a value in the dropdown is clicked. But if you prefer, you can apply the filters only after an "Apply" button is clicked (useful if doing server side filtering).
Auto Save Layout: Layouts can be saved automatically whenever anything changes
Basic Layout: A basic Layout(i.e. set of column grouping, visibility, order, sorts) so you can see the subset of columns you need at the click of a button.
Basic Set Up: Showing how to create a basic instance of AdapTable using ag-Grid.
Big Data: See AdapTable (and ag-Grid) with 100,000 rows of client side data.
Bulk Update: Update contiguous cells in a column to all contain the same value - can be existing or new column value.
Calculated Column: Create your own custom columns where the value is derived based on other columns in the Grid. Use an Expression so that the value is evaluated dynamically.
Calendar: Select which Holiday Calendar you wish AdapTable to use when calculating Working Days (in Filters, Queries etc).
Category Charts: Create standard, saveable, bar or line charts, with many different visualation options.
Cell Summary: See the summarised contents of groups of numeric cells using many different mathematical operations.
Cell Validation: Create rules to prevent (or show warnings) when particular cell edits take place. These will run on the client.
Column Category: Group columns together logically to help you to manipulate grids with very large numbers of columns.
Column Chooser: Set column visiblity and order through an intuitive column management screen.
Column Filters: A filter panel available as a dropdown from the Column Header which allows you to perform complex filtering for a particular column. Can be saved as User Filters.
Column Grouping: AdapTable works fully when the ag-Grid column banding (grouping) functionality is applied.
Column Info: Find out all the objects associated with a column with a single lookup.
Column Menu: Add your custom menu items to the Column Header Menu (and also choose with shipped items are available)
Conditional Style: Style cells, columns and rows in striking ways when their data matches rules that you create.
Context Menu: Add your custom menu items to the (right-click) Context Menu (and choose with shipped items are available)
Custom Buttons: Add Custom Buttons to the Dashboard (which when clicked trigger an Event that you can listen to).
Custom Icons: You can provide your own icons to AdapTable to use in place of the defaults - this demo shows how.
Custom Sort: Create your own sort orders for columns (e.g. Ratings, Tenors, Sectors) where the default alphabetical sort doesnt make sense.
Custom Theme: See AdapTable using a custom theme (based on Wimbledon tennis colours).
Custom Toolbars: Use Custom Toolbars to render your own content in the Dashboard or to provide buttons (which when clicked trigger an Event that you can listen to).
Dark Theme: See AdapTable using the shipped Dark Theme. When you use this theme AdapTable will automatically update the underlying vendor grid to match.
Dashboard Inline: Set the Dashboard in "Expanded" view to be inline.
Dashboard Tabs: AdapTable provides a number of Toolbars to provide easy access to functions. You can put these into Tabs that you create.
Dashboard Title: Set the title of the Dashboard header.
Dashboard Visibility: Select whether the Dasbhoard is visible, minimised (so only a button is shown) or hidden altogether.
Data Source Changes: Any changes made to the data source to the underlying DataGrid (in this example ag-Grid) is automatically reflected in AdapTable and it will be picked up by all relevant functions.
Data Source Selector: A list of Data Sources provided at run-time (e.g. books, stored procs); when one is selected an event is fired that you can listen to and then populate AdapTable with data via the API.
Delayed Data: Shows how (one of many ways) to set up AdapTable when your data comes into the grid after it has loaded.
Edit Dropdowns: List which columns will automatically show a dropdown (select) when editing and optionally provide the values which it displays.
Entitlements: Default: Set a default Entitlement Access Level to be used if not Entitlement is explicitly provided.
Entitlements: Func: Supply a function (that can use external lookups or systems) which will be run each time an Entitlement is required.
Entitlements: List: Provide a list at in Predefined Config specifying which functions Users are permissioned for.
Export: Send grid data to a number of destinations using System or Custom reports and schedule them if you would like.
Financial Charts: Create financial charts
Finsemble: We leverage the powerful offering to enable multiple AdapTable instances to share state, data and events
Fixed Column: Create some columns to be fixed in place
Flashing Cell: Have cells flash briefly when their contents change (using colours and duration you specify).
Floating Dashboard: Save screen estate by making the Dashboard "float" when not in use
Format Column: Style an entire column so that it has a distinctive look.
Free Text Column: Create your own column where you can insert your own values (e.g. comments) that are stored separately from the Data Source.
Function Buttons: You can select which Function Buttons you wish to see in the Dashboard Header
Gradient Column: Style a column so that each cell is shaded in proportion of its value to that of the maximum value.
Grid Info: Click the "info" button in the Dashboard Header to see summary information about the grid and the Adaptable Options you have set.
Grouped Layout: Grouped Layouts can be created which include row grouping details
Hot Keys: Set up "Hot Keys" to open Adaptable Functions and windows with bespoke key combinations
Ignore Case in Queries: By default case is ignored when running queries against string columns but you can change this behaviour
Master Detail: AdapTable supports Master / Detail grids where the underlying vendor grid offers it.
Max Items Displayed: Set the maximum number of distinct column values to show in column lookups and the Query Builder
Named Filters: Named Filters are provided by users at design-time and include a custom Predicate function that is run each time the filter is applied.
No Code: Create an AdapTable instance dynamically from a JSON or Excel file that you provide; your AdapTable instance will include the full range of functions and all the advanced functionality like state management and audit.
No Config: An AdapTable instance with no Predefined Config supplied. This is unlikely to be the case in a production scenario as you will pre-ship AdapTable with your objects.
OpenFin: If you are using this popular container we offer "Live Updates" so that data exported to Excel updates in real time as AdapTable data ticks or is edited
Percent Bar: Show numeric columns as a bar, that is filled according to the cell value as a %.
Permitted Values: Provide a list of column names and a list of values which should be displayed when getting distinct values for that column
Pie Charts: Create a saveable Pie (or doughnut) Chart. It contains the ability to group data if you have multiple values.
Pie Charts (Column): Select a column (or cells within a column) and see it as a Pie Chart
Pivoting: AdapTable enables you to create layouts that take pivoting into account.
Plus / Minus: Set up "nudge" rules for numeric columns to respond when the "+" or "-" keys are pressed.
Predefined Config: An AdapTable instance with lots of different Predefined Config elements supplied.
Quick Filter Bar: A textbox below the Column Header that allows you to quickly search in a column (includes wildcards like ">").
Quick Search: Search across all columns using a simple text search (includes wildcards like ">").
Quick Search Columns: Provide a function which will specify if some columns should be excluded from Quick Search results.
Reminder: Set up scheduled notifications so you can be reminded of important actions.
Row Grouping: AdapTable works fully when the ag-Grid column row grouping functionality is applied.
Row Selection: AdapTable fires an event each time the cell or row selection changes. This includes full detials of the cells and rows selected.
Row Style: Choose to style rows in AdapTable using your preferred colour scheme.
Schedules: Create schedules for Reminders, Exports and Live Data Reports
Search Changed: Event that fires whenever any of state elements in the Search or Filter related functions change
Server Lookups: Provide AdapTable dynamically with the list of values to be displayed each time distinct cell values are required
Server Validation: Provide a function (and promise) that wil check edits and return a validation response (with optional message and replacement value).
Set Up Columns: Showing how to set up columns in AdapTable and ag-Grid.
Shortcut: Avoid fat finger issues and speed up / automate data entry for numeric and date columns.
Smart Edit: Update contiguous numeric cells using a mathmatical operation (e.g. Multiply, Divide, Add, Subtract).
Sparkline (Column): Select a column (or cells within a column) and see it as a Sparkline Chart
Sparkline Charts: Create a saveable SparkLine chart, which will show data as a series of points or graphs
Sparkline Column: Visualise columns that contain a range / array of numeric cells by using a Sparkline.
State Options: A group of functions which allow developers complete control over how and where User State is stored.
System Filters: System Filters are those provided by AdapTable (e.g. "Blanks", "Yeserday", "Positive"); you can choose which - if any - of these are available.
System Status: Have your users be notified automatically when something happens to the System (or Server) that they need to know.
Team Sharing: Dynamically share Adaptable Objects you create at run-time with other team members and colleagues.
Tool Panel Name: Set your own name for the Tool Panel
Tree Data View: AdapTable supports ag-Grid Tree Views with all standard filtering and styling functionality included.
Updated Row: Colour (and jump to) rows as they update so you can see which rows have changed.
User Filters: Column Filters which have been named and saved and so are usable across multiple functions that use queries (like Conditional Styles, Reports or Advanced Search).
Vendor Grid Filters: You can use the agGrid Floating Filter and Filter Form if you wish instead of AdapTable Quick Filter and Filter Form respectively
ipushpull: Export AdapTable data to Excel (with Live Updates) or Symphony and elsewhere by using the services of our partner ipushpull