AdaptableBlotter.JS Demos

Version:3.4.3  (2019-05-23)

The Adaptable Blotter
AdaptableBlotter.JS is a powerful DataGrid add-on that provides, out of the box, all the functionality that financial and other advanced users require to be productive and efficient. And which usually needs to be built on a bespoke basis for each project.
AdaptableBlotter.JS can be integrated with a number of different underlying HTML5 grids, both vendor and open source.
AdaptableBlotter.JS works with any dataset, any Grid type, any Desk, and in any Location
Adaptable Blotter.JS is fully data-agnostic and can work with any data set you provide it with.

It is trivial to set up the Adaptable Blotter and can be done with a single line of code.
See this Live Example and download it and experiment with it yourself using this Sandbox.

Basic Demo
This demo contains 2 instances of AdaptableBlotter.JS hosting dummy Sales Orders data from Microsoft's famous Northwind database:
  • the ag-Grid (in our opinion by the far best HTML5 GridControl on the market today and very highly recommended)
  • the Hypergrid (the best of the canvas-based grids)

  • Config / Theming Demo
    You can ship the applications you create using the Adaptable Blotter with Predefined Configuration.
    These are styles, searches, reports, layouts etc. that you create at design time so they are ready for your users to use from day 1.
    Note: Predefined Configuration also includes permissions: it allows you to ship the Adaptable Blotter to your users with the Entitlements and permissions you need to ensure users only have access to the functionality they require.
  • The config demo runs ag-Grid using the same data as in the basic demo above but with some additional predefined configuration.
  • The theming demo runs the Blotter with dark theme set up (the Blotter ships with 2 themes - light and dark - but you can add any Themes you want). You can also set up the Look and Feel of the Blotter to use your own Styles.

  • Charting Demos
    We have teamed up with Infragistics to offer Charting.
  • the Basic Charts demo runs Hypergrid using the same data as in the basic demo above but with some prebuilt charts we have added.
  • the World Stats Charts demo runs ag-Grid using some country dummy data and 4 charts (as part of predefined config).
  • Grouping Demo
    AdaptableBlotter.JS does not provide grouping or aggregation capabilities itself. But we do guarantee that whre the underlying grid offers these capabilities, then they will run as normal when the Adaptable Blotter add-on is installed.
    Click button below to launch ag-Grid in full grouping and aggreagation mode and see how all the Adaptable Blotter functions continue to work even when you have multiple columns groups, row groups and aggregated columns.


    This demo is designed to allow you to evaluate AdaptableBlotter.JS running under 'normal' conditions. Use Performance Monitor to test AdaptableBlotter.JS under more extreme conditions of multiple conditions and searches, tens of thousands of rows, and 500,000 flashing and data updates per second.

    OpenFin Demo (featuring 'Live Updates')
    This video shows AdaptableBlotter.JS running in the OpenFin container. One exciting feature this provides is, that after exporting to Excel, any changes subsequently made to your report data in the Blotter, will automatically update in Excel.

    Multiple Blotters and Components (using Finsemble)
    This video simulates a life-like trading application with 3 instances of the Adaptable Blotter (for Trade, Price and Position), a chart window and a news feed.
    By leveraging the Finsemble framework, the 3 Blotters are able to share data, updates and filters, and can also communicate 2-ways with the 3rd party components.

    Read more on the features of this demo here and here.

    Installation and Integration
    For information on installing and running AdaptableBlotter.JS please read the Integrationsection in our Help.

    If you require further information please visit our Website or use the Online Help.

    Licence and Pricing
    The Adaptable Blotter is free for evaluation use. We also seek to make it available for use by charities, open-source projects and students in full time education.
    For all other usage and, access to the full range of features, an annual licence must be purchased. This includes monthly updates together with ongoing support.
    We also provide support for more formal trials, and offer a range of licence alternatives depending on desired usage.
    To find out more about becoming an Adaptable Blotter user, please email Adaptable Tools Support.

    Source Code
    The Repository for the AdaptableBlotter.JS Demo is located in Github.