Adaptable Blotter Demos

Version: 4.1.1  (2019-07-19)

The Adaptable Blotter is the most advanced and powerful HTML5 DataGrid Solution on the market today.
It provides, out of the box, all the functionality that financial and other advanced users require to be productive and efficient. And which usually needs to be built on a bespoke basis for each project.
AdaptableBlotter.JS sits on top of (and integrates with) a number of HTML5 vendor DataGrids both vendor and open source including the market-leading ag-Grid (which we are using for these demos).
Adaptable Blotter.JS is fully data-agnostic and can work with any data set, for any Desk, in any team, at any Location

The Adaptable Blotter contains a large number of 'functions' each of which corresponds to a particular DataGrid use case (e.g. Advanced Search, Bulk Update, Pie Chart etc.)
This site contains a bespoke demo for most of the functions in the Adaptable Blotter.

The Demos
When you release an application using the Adaptable Blotter you will typically ship it with Predefined Config - state that you have created at design time (eg. searches, layouts, styles, entitlements etc.)
You will also set up the Options you need for your Blotter using the Adaptable Blotter Options object.
Each of these demos includes a small amount of Predefined Config relevant to that function in order to illustrate the potential usage, and adds non-default Blotter Options that are required (you can see both of these printed out underneath the demo).
The demos use the excellent ag-Grid as the underlying grid control (which integrates very well with the Adaptable Blotter), and dummy data from the famous Microsoft Northwind database (Orders table).

It is trivial to set up the Adaptable Blotter and can be done with a single line of code.
See our Integtration Help Pages for more information and also this Live Example (which you can download and experiment with it yourself using this Sandbox).

Framework Wrappers
All the examples in this demo use the 'vanilla' JavaScript version of the Adaptable Blotter.
However, for those who prefer to implement the tool using a JavaScript Framework / Library we provide 2 options: a React Wrapper and a Angular Wrapper.

If you require further information please visit our Website or use the Online Help.

Licence and Pricing
The Adaptable Blotter is free for evaluation use via the Community Edition (which is also available for use by charities, open-source projects and students in full time education). This gives full access to all features in the Adaptable Blotter but state cannot be saved or pre-loaded.
For all other usage a commerical annual licence must be purchased, which provides full state management capabilities. A commercial licence also guarantees quarterly updates together with full ongoing support.
We also provide support for more formal trials and POCs, and offer a range of tailored licence alternatives depending on desired usage.
To find out more about becoming an Adaptable Blotter user, please email Adaptable Tools Sales.

Source Code
The Repository for the AdaptableBlotter.JS Demo is located in Github.
We welcome - and value - the many contributions and pull requests we receive from the development community; if you want to get involved in the project please contact email Adaptable Tools Support